Top Five Webinar Predictions for 2021

Webinar Predictions

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If you’re looking for webinar predictions, here is some information that might pique your interest.


1. Webinars will supposedly become more conversational

The pressure to keep the audience engaged will lead to more captivating and conversational webinars. A new batch of software vendors who have entered the marketplace in the last five years is integrating several exciting elements into webinars. Some of these include- Q&A, polls, chats, and so on. Such features will increase engagement in webinars.


2. Promoting webinar attendance will become more challenging than ever

There is already a lack of attention among audiences about webinars. This has become one of the most crucial challenges that webinar hosts face. The intense competition to secure registrations is quite daunting. Moreover, you might also notice a drop in the interest levels of attendees. Due to this, there may be a significant drop in the attendance rate as a whole. Hosts will be required to design the most remarkable, interactive webinars to combat this difficulty.


3. The live video feature might alter the structure of webinars

Several popular platforms like LinkedIn have started live streaming. We’ve thus encountered a fundamental increase in the live video content created by B2B influencers. In the upcoming years, we will experience a significant change in the style of a webinar. Webinars will include fewer lectures and more late-night show-like feels.


4. The webinar software marketplace integration

The last 5-6 years have seen the entry of distinguishing, new factors in the webinar space. These factors or entrants include- Big Maker, Denio, and Crowdcast. Zoom is now recognized as a prime online meeting vendor and has joined the fray. Several small vendors consolidated in takeovers. Similarly, we’ll encounter more such consolidations in the next few years.


5. We’ll encounter a sharp expansion in virtual summits

Last but not least, the competition for your attendees’ time will drastically increase and expand a popular trend- virtual summits. These summits are successful chiefly due to their growth in the observed value of signing. A great example of this trend is the latest Global Marketing Day by SEMRush. 


These were the top 5 webinar predictions for 2020.


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