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What is a Successful Virtual Conference?

< 1 Min Read A successful virtual conference has a long-lasting impact on its audience and the public in general. Following are a few outcomes that indicate a success rate in the virtual conference:

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How do you create an effective panel discussion ?

< 1 Min Read Panel discussion holds an epitope of importance in any online conference agenda. Any panel discussion has a couple to a dozen or more influential speakers with the highest experience coming forward to discuss their perspective towards a topic.

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What is an engagement score in a webinar?

< 1 Min Read While hosting any webinar, the target is to engage as many people as possible. Whether it be an educational webinar, business webinar, entrepreneurial webinar, or others, the goal is to engage and create a nexus among the public.

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How long is a virtual meeting?

< 1 Min Read With the extension of the pandemic to an indefinite time, we are all forced to change the course of our everyday lives. Offices that were initially shut down have now let their employees work from home.

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Can I conduct polls and surveys of my attendees?

< 1 Min Read Yes, you can conduct polls and surveys of your attendees. Polls and webinar surveys are the most amazing features which will help you in engaging better with your audience. You can create single or multiple choice answer polls and surveys

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