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Computer Networking Industry

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Would you have believed a few decades back if you were told that you don’t have to leave your house for shopping or you can attend a business meeting sitting right at home? What about social media platforms, automatic cars, paperless offices? In all probability, you would not only have been disbelieving of it but hooted the very idea.


Fast forward to now – we not only believe but heavily rely on technology. Facebook, Uber, YouTube, Netflix, etc are nothing less than lifelines. Newer technologies like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) dominate the tech world. 


Gone are the days when people used a dial-up connection on a modem to connect to the Internet. Now, we are no more tied to fixed modems and wires.


Mobility is the new mantra of life!


Even our home appliances are sewed together into one smart, handy web.


Computer networking technology is rapidly developing to cater to the snowballing demands of businesses and lives. Along with supporting multiple devices, the networks are needed to manage the heavy traffic being generated from various sources like virtualization, live streaming video, Voice over IP (VoIP), Cloud, IoT devices and services, Network-attached storage (NAS). The overwhelming advances in this field will soon make your modest PC into a powerful beast.


All this has lead to an elevated demand for more capacity and speed – additional and high bandwidth for emerging services, high-speed internet for time-saving efficiencies, low latency network technologies, edge computing models, faster migration of large data between servers.


New computer-related technologies are impacting how businesses and their employees and customers connect. Businesses are exploring computer networking technology for imprinting multinational and global footprints. 


All this may seem quite daunting! 


The good news is every technology advancement presents a great opportunity for businesses to improve – from business model to their network efficiency.


But the tricky part is….


Businesses focus on formulating a plan on how to grow but neglect how that growth will impact its crucial components- the people, the physical aspects, marketing, the network. That’s how businesses wind up with a set of employees not really suited for their positions, an assortment of workstations that don’t necessarily meet their needs, and a variety of networks devices and servers that “just happen to build that way”.


For any plan to be effective, the strategy or planning should be done before the escalation begins. This can be done by making educated estimates of how any business and its marketing network may grow based on assessments of its current market position, growth trends, business trends.


But then again, after hitting the sweet spot of growth, what next?


Obviously, you want this growth for the long haul. After all, growth sans retention is no meaningful growth.


How does one do it?


Effective marketing is the key to long-term business growth and success. To ensure that your business thrives for years to come, you must choose the right marketing strategy. This entails not only retaining your present customer base but acquiring customers who will stay put till the end.


Enter Growth Marketing!


Unlike traditional marketing, growth marketing is not fixated on just one part of the sales funnel. In fact, it targets the complete customer lifecycle and uses data-driven insights to churn out innovative ways for compounding returns to attract more loyal customers and eventually turn them into brand champions.


In simpler terms, growth marketers don’t focus on short-term wins. They are expert innovators at each step of the funnel and keep a keen eye on the whole business including product development to gain useful and creative insights to drive customers for steady business success. They delve deep into relevant growth metrics to discover the right product/market fit. 


Makes good business sense, right?


How can Growth Marketing help in the Computer Networking Industry?


The explosive development of computer networks has ensured that it is an integral part of every aspect of business- planning, production, marketing. Businesses follow multiple networks for instant access to information, communicating, and sharing data.


The growth marketing strategy can be three-fold:


  • Focus on building long-term and reliable customer relationships 


No business can survive simply waiting for the customers to come to them. Growth marketing focuses on targeted market segments by tracking specific marketing tactics to expand the customer base, increase sales and gross margins. Detailed and real research plays a vital role in this regard. The research can be on two lines:

  1. Research on existing customers through website surveys, telephone calls, email surveys, etc on how customers grade the products and services, their expectations.

  2. Research on Internet and social media platforms to find out the latest buying trends and demographics, business and market trends to attract potential customers.
  • Focus on providing service and support at all times including mission-critical

Smart businesses seek out experts as their trusted allies for reliable software, hardware service, and support. In doing so, they get the reliability and assurance of support and also the economics with maximum efficiency.


  • Focus on promoting the business by tapping the potential of reliable information technology – software, hardware, and all associated services


Technological transformations have completely revolutionized the rules of conducting business. The new methods of multi-level marketing have helped reduce expenses that businesses suffered in traditional means of marketing. Businesses use various marketing networks to tap potential customers at multiple levels to ensure sales. They can now reach out to target consumers indirectly.

Thus, growth marketing helps to establish a business as a clear and worthwhile choice for the target market. It can become a trusted networking ally by developing differentiated strategies for boosting sales. 

Exponential growth can be assessed concerning the following fields: 


  • Storage/Disk capacity requirements
  • Bandwidth requirements
  • Network segmentation requirements
  • Security requirements
  • Management/performance requirements
  • Availability requirements


But realize that implementation of growth marketing in computer networking for any business is akin to legal advice, graphic arts, or accounting, meaning, it is not fundamentally a DIY prospect.


Are you ready to dive into the world of growth marketing and create your own marketing plan?


Call me an optimist but as we move towards the dynamic future, multiple trends and ground-breaking technologies are all set to initiate real change in the exciting world of computer networking. Advanced platforms, innovative tools, and methodologies are poised to usher in a new era of productivity and success for businesses. 


Take for example Memristor – A microscopic module that can retain electrical states even when switched off. Faster and cheaper than flash storage, it is going to revolutionize the computing world, possibly making RAM, hard drives, flash memory obsolete in the near future.


“Smart everything” is going to be the new way of life. The next-generation wireless networks will rewrite the rules of technology on the go. New cellular networks will unleash the real potential of IoT and augmented reality. Inside our homes and offices where all electrical devices are acquiring network capabilities, WiFi 6 will lead the wireless revolution by supporting bigger device density and delivering improved indoor signal penetration.


Needless to say, the marketing future looks bright.  Anything and everything is possible. It is vital more than ever before to stay updated on the latest technology for successfully promoting businesses. The mind-blogging trends in computer networking technology will also drive expansion and decentralization. With computer networking being the predominant connector, more businesses will gravitate towards it to optimize results and growth.


We have curated a webinar dedicated to Growth marketing in the Computer Networking Industry. You’ll learn how to relentlessly explore new creative ideas, approach your sales to funnel with a growth outlook, make effective plays for product and customer onboarding, and much more. You also stand to gain practical ideas and hands-on advice from the best growth leaders in the field for mastering your own growth plan-of-action.


What do you think we may see next year?


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