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Growth Marketing in the Computer Networking Industry

Computer Networking

Why choose Growth Marketing for the dynamic Computer Networking Industry?

Beat the competition and Fuel your Growth Agenda

Create buzz and brand appeal and chalk out a path towards progressive growth and profitability with our innovative strategies

Understanding strategies to build the growth marketing efforts

Boost affinity to ‘growth with a vision’ by curating strategies to capture the market, broaden your impact and drive customer retention. Create awareness to gain an advantage from a go-to-market and selling standpoint.

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Adapting marketing strategies to build your computer networking business

Manage strategic challenges, execution trials, globalization demands, people-evolution challenges at any point in time by re-evaluating and modifying strategies to harvest profitability. Strike the right balance by investing in what’s already strong versus investing in a new and emerging aspect.

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Measuring ROI from your marketing activities

Assess the success of marketing strategies by calculating ROI to realign marketing tactics, budget, profits and growth. Evaluate to determine what’s working and what’s negatively impacting sales and revamp marketing campaigns accordingly for better results.

Marketing as a vital channel for the success of tech companies

Growth Marketing is the key to drive profits and growth. On-point growth marketing campaigns can convert leads to customers, strengthen relationships with prospects and customers to increase sales. Following a customer’s potential journey and tracking the multiple touchpoints can help shape the right growth marketing strategy.

Building data-driven marketing content to build the brand

In-depth assessment of different customer’s journeys relevant to market, products and services to boost customer engagement and foster trust in the brand. Also, offering business intelligence insights and solutions to customer’s expectations and pain points merged with data-driven research for strengthening brand reliability.

Know how’s of Demand generation

Employing demand generation tactics to gather data and information through reliable tools and social media platforms to capture potential leads, optimize marketing campaigns, and drive revenues. Automation and accumulating data will help tailor the best relevant solutions for customer retention and long-lasting engagement.

Learn the best B2B growth strategies in Computer Networking Industry


SEO provides a complete roadmap from relevant content and keywords to social media and analytics to create a solid web presence for generating more leads and more business. In the ever-changing marketing realm, buyers usually follow a word-of-mouth endorsement coupled with a Google search. Another emerging trend is, more and more internet users installing an ad blocker on their web browsers. In such a scenario, businesses should really commit to cutting-edge SEO campaigns instead of treating them as an afterthought. Voice SEO, featured snippets, intelligent chatbots, one-click ads are the in things.

Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to customers that land up on the website because of unpaid search results. For example, they find the website while using search engines like Bing, Yahoo, or Google. In simpler terms, it is free traffic. And that’s what businesses want the most. SEO, providing relevant and quality content through blogging are excellent ways to boost organic traffic. Identifying and removing non-performing content, updating new product features to create opportunities for incorporating new and relevant keywords can optimize the CTR (click-through rate) and win the organic search traffic fight for you.

Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is defined by customers that visit the website after clicking on paid advertising promotions. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, Google Ads, CPM (Cost per Thousand) impressions, PPA (Pay Per Acquisition) advertising are common forms of paid traffic. Facebook and keyword optimization are other popular ways to generate paid traffic. Paid traffic, if properly planned and executed, can effectively boost business. It allows businesses to target customers geographically, demographically, behaviourally and sociographically, with great precision for building brand awareness and promoting meaningful customer engagement. Paid traffic should complement SEO services to target potential customers through the marketing funnel.

Organic social media

Organic social media

Organic social media can prove to be a powerful strategy to drive real leads provided you’re up for consistent efforts and out-of-the-box creativity. By continuously engaging with the target audience on multiple platforms, businesses can reap a lot of benefits like boosting brand loyalty, SEO, improving customer care and more. Craft a solid social strategy, then select social channels as per your target audience. Offer value and unique content to encourage engagement and build your audience. Tap into different social communities and influencer marketing to constantly engage with the audience.

Paid social media​

Paid social media

Paid social media can boost business through an effective and powerful advertising campaign. It can also be used to promote inbound marketing campaigns to target customers globally. Paid advertising on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest is a great way to generate website traffic, consistent ROI, SEO, brand awareness and sales. Tools and metrics like conversion rate, cost per action, click-through rate can be used to track and improve the performance of the advertising campaign.

Build a Strong & Robust Global Partner Network

Community Building

Businesses can grow exponentially with the help of a community building growth strategy. Humans have an innate need for connection. Similarly, it is vital for any business’s survival to connect deeply with its customers. Thus, building a booming community around the brand by offering customers value is a brilliant way to cut the competition and get to the front. Businesses need to align with customers’ expectations by prioritizing customers. It's about them always, not you! It is one of the best ways to increase overall CLV (Customer Lifetime Value).

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Meet Your Host

Manjunath G N

Manjunath G N

Founder, Bruhatee

Growth Marketing and Digital Marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in driving large teams globally to drive revenue marketing performance. He has developed & implemented strategies for Digital Marketing to drive the achievement of target revenues. Adept in B2B marketing strategies, lead generation, market research, planning and forecasting, brand building, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, Event Management, and Channel Marketing programs. Marketing Advisor for startups and passionate speaker in events/webinars/podcasts. 

Meet Your Speaker

Shashi Kiran

Shashi Kiran

CMO at Aryaka Networks (Third Point Ventures, Goldman Sachs)

Proven executive with 20+ years of experience in business and technology roles. I adopt a growth mindset and enjoy driving outcomes that create impact, value and deliver a positive experience. Building trust-based relationships based on integrity, authenticity and avoiding politics are core to my personality. I’ve been involved in marketing, sales, business development and product management at large global companies and smaller startups. Love solutions and connecting the dots to win big! Meritocracy, passion and humility are key ingredients of my team building formula.

Recent focus areas include: Data center, Cloud, Networking, SD-WAN, Software, Automation, DevOps, SaaS, Security, Artificial Intelligence (AI) for service engagement across Enterprise and Service Provider markets

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Key Takeaways

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Growth Marketing in Computer Networking Industry

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