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This global pandemic has boomed a new way of effective communication between companies and their consumers in the form of “Webinar”. Webinar acts as the best relationship-building platform to engage with your target audience and make them your consumers. 


What is a Webinar?


A webinar is nothing but an online meet organized by an organisation/ company which is conducted via the internet to a small group of individuals. 


How do Webinar work? 


A webinar helps the presenting companies/organisation speakers to exchange PowerPoint slides, images, Web Pages, or other interactive material with viewers than can be anywhere around the world. 


Participants will communicate through chat and texting, while some webinar hosts may also allow them to use their microphones to talk during the Q&A session. The overwhelming majority of webinars have less than 100 guests, most of who are less than 50. 


Webinars have many benefits (often business-related) but, the most important and wide use of webinars is to inform and reach audiences. 


The unique thing about Webinars is that attendees can be anyone, an industry leader or a student, and both can share their views. 


The key features behind conducting webinars are:


  • To reach out to a large number of audiences.


  • To showcase the product directly to consumers. 


  • Generating leads to the company and products.


Most Webinars are free of cost, and some are paid. Webinars are revolutionizing the seminar methodology, and audiences are more likely to attend webinars than seminars.


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