How do I customize my webinar registration page through webinar software?

Webinar registration

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Using the webinar software, you can customize your webinar registration page. You can customize various aspects like approval of the webinar attendees, to add registration questions, to enable registration notifications, etc. You can also add branding on your webinar registration form and track the traffic of the registrations. 


Given below are the steps for customizing webinar registration: 


  • Log in to the webinar software portal. 


  • Select Webinars. 


  • Choose the topic which you wish to customize on your Webinar Signup form.


  • Go to the Invitations tab. 


  • You will see the Edit option on the registration setting section. Click on it to customize your Webinar Signup form.

You can also choose if the attendees need to register and pay for the webinar. The webinar attendees will need to fill out a registration form before joining the webinar login. If no registration is required, the attendees can simply fill in their name and email id to join the webinar. For paying the registration charge, you can set the fee. Once the payment is done, the attendee would receive an email as a confirmation. 


The approval in the webinar can be automatic or manual. If you wish to have automatic approval for the attendees, they will need to register in advance. For manual approval, the admin/host has to approve each attendee manually. 


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