How to host a webinar on WhatsApp?

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Webinars are the most interactive and engaging means to get a hold of your target audience and allow them to perform the desired Call to Action to make the user move down the marketing funnel. There are multiple platforms that allow businesses to host webinars, one such huge platform is WhatsApp, one of the biggest social media networks.


There is quite some hesitation regarding businesses adapting to Whatsapp webinars and registering themselves as a WhatsApp Business account. But it is always recommended for small and large businesses alike, to grow their audience on WhatsApp.


Here are the simple steps following which you could host a webinar on WhatsApp.


  • Login to WhatsApp and create an account.


  • Add the list of audiences to a group wherein you would like to host the webinar. A  link is generated.


  • Users who click the link and register themselves can attend the webinar.


  • The speaker would come online beforehand and prepare with the presentation.


  • Once the attendees are online, the speakers begin the call, as the webinar.


WhatsApp webinars are easier to connect with and are extremely helpful for businesses that allow the users to join easily with just a click.


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