How do you manage a webinar?

webinar management

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Webinars are an essential marketing tool and powerful tool to connect with the broader audience domain and market or publicise the business or any cause amongst the targeted audience. You must be thinking about managing webinars to produce a fantastic conversion rate in sales and contacts. Well, for organising an impactful webinar, I follow the top eight webinars best practices. 


  • Using the updated and advanced version of the webinar conducting tool and creating the tool’s webinar event.


  • Building an eye-catchy webinar landing page and marketing over different social media channels, print media, and e-newsletters.


  • Enabling social media shares after the attendee’s successful webinar registration and event check-ins promotes and pushes more extensive participation and whereabouts of the webinar.


  • Creating and handling easy and accessible webinar registration portal for attendees and speakers.


  • Running and managing various call and email campaigns to alert the attendees, guests, and speakers regarding the webinar schedule and updates.


  • Creating, following, and maintaining pre and post-webinar conducting checklists.


  • Using event schedulers for email reminders, call reminders and calendar reminders to send gentle reminders to webinar’s attendees and speakers.


  • Planning, creating fillers sessions for the webinar and mailing it to the designated host, speaker, or presenter.


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