What is Negative and Positive Feedback in The Webinar?

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Webinars are a powerful marketing tool for promoting brands to selling products and services amongst larger domains and audiences. After every webinar, you may receive feedback via feedback email for webinars from the esteemed guests and attendees, which can be negative and positive. Let’s have a gist on a copious type of negative and positive feedback you may receive after conducting the webinar.


Positive Feedback for Webinar

Webinar may receive positive feedback in terms of many different forms, and it can be in terms of quality of webinars, guests, speakers, or webinar conversion rate. Some of these are  –


  • High traffic and engagement on your landing website or business


  • Increased product sale


  • Increased conversion rate


  • Lower bounce rates on the promotional website


  • Broader audience and connections


Negative Feedback for Webinar

Webinar may receive negative feedback concerning webinar session quality or constructive negative feedback around the promoted product or service in the webinar. Some of these are  –


  • Irrelevant or misleading webinar session concerning the motive or webinar topic


  • Access to promotional speech or session


  • Loopholes in the product or services promoted in the webinar


  • Extending the webinar session without respecting the attendees time


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