Why Is It Called A Webinar?

webinar meaning

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A webinar is a kind of seminar held via the web and exclusively attended by an online audience. This is the reason that this kind of online meeting is called a webinar. Alternatively, a webinar is also known as a web event, webcast, web lecture, online seminar, and virtual event.


Online Seminar:


Even if it is an online seminar, it is interactive and informative. The presenter can reach a large group of webinar attendees from a single location and interact with them accordingly. In fact, online interaction during a webinar can be very powerful, helping attendees to learn and comprehend very quickly. Also, they make significant cost savings. This is the reason that around 62% of B2B marketing professionals use webinar software for webinar hosting.


Interactive opportunities available in a webinar include:

  • Survey
  • Presentation
  • Ask a question
  • Test
  • Poll
  • Chat
  • Call-to-action

Online participation:


The audience attends the webinar meeting via a laptop, PC, tablet, or smartphone to listen to the speakers and raise their queries in real-time. Participants can also use the webinar recording functionality which enables them to see the entire event again at their convenient time. From an educational perspective, webinars are very powerful, interesting, and knowledgeable. 


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