How much does a webinar cost?

webinar cost

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After attending a webinar, you might have pondered on a question on how much it might have cost to conduct a webinar? You might be planning to run and manage a webinar for your business and thinking about the cost of running a webinar. Webinar’s pricing and costing depend substantially on different factors.


Webinar cost deciding factors 

  • The number of audiences will determine the plan pricing of the webinar hosting platform.


  • Webinar hosting platforms may cost from 3000 INR/ 41 USD up to 50,000/690 INR per session of 60 minutes.


  • Technology and related supported gadgets may cost from 30,000 INR to 70,000 INR based on the quality and brand of technology and equipment types.


  • Duration of the event will decide the plan pricing of the webinar hosting platform.


  • Social media campaigns may cost 1000 INR/14 USD to 30,000 INR / 414 USD based on different social media campaign pricing platforms.


  • Media coverage and promotional activities may vary from media houses base rates and the coverage range of promotional activities.


  • Social media influencers or special guest speakers fees depends on the engagement level, popularity, and follower counts on different channels.


Once you have an exact blueprint or plan for the mentioned factors, it would be easier to calculate the baseline for conducting a webinar. However, a webinar may cost you somewhere between 50,000 INR/ 690 USD to 1,20,000 INR /1656 USD  from the factors discussed above.


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