How do you plan a virtual summit?

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With Covid-19 having changed our entire approach to social conclaves, attending a live in-person conference isn’t achievable. In a virtual summit, the host brings together experts along with attendees where the former is made to broadcast his knowledge over the topic at hand in an online forum for a stipulated period. 


Even though the very phrase ‘Virtual Summit’ divulges the idea of a considerably uncomplicated process, it is quite tedious and requires authority. However, it positively changes and grows your line of work in both measurable and immeasurable ways. 


To launch your virtual summit, there are merely 3 major phases:


  • Planning: planning your virtual summit logistics, mapping out the content you would like to cover. Most importantly, deciding your technological system must be at the top of your pecking order together with inviting the guest speakers depending upon each of their outreach and credibility.
  • Creating: recording your speaker interviews, building your virtual summit sales panel, setting up an All-Access Pass membership site and creating your affiliate program.
  • Launching: preparing and promoting your launch along with follow up tasks after summit completion. 

Finally, to host you need to create your own strategies in company with the aforementioned ones. 


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