How Long Is A Virtual Conference?

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Digital events are considered great timesavers, besides the fact that there is a great option for social distancing, eliminating any time spent on traveling to and from the venue to make the event even more successful. 

Despite the features of average run time and time-saving, the length of a digital event is still shortening. Previously a webinar for 60 minutes was considered common. However, a 30 to 45 minutes webinar is becoming increasingly popular.

2019 witnessed 90 out of 100 webinars conducted for 45 minutes or less. If you look at it from the people’s perspective, we cannot consider everybody excellent in time management. The length shortening is due to reasons of reduced engagement, snappy representations, and boring content. 

If you feel that a webinar should extend the time you have, be interactive, informative, and most importantly have great content capable enough to interest people’s minds. Virtual events have become so popular that the number of attendees compared from the past five years till today has increased to a great extent. 

A virtual event cannot be considered long if the content is great, interactive, and people stick to the seat instead of walking away in the middle. There are some guidelines that need to be kept in mind. For example, lead generation, content promotion, complex topics made fun of, elimination of full-day conferences. Make sure your attendees are informed beforehand so that they are able to manage time and commitments.


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