How do I set up a series of (pre-recorded) webinars to run hourly and collect viewers data automatically?

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Setting up a series of pre recorded webinars is a trend these days. Though it has its own set of pros and cons. With pre recorded webinars, you have full control over the content but you lack valuable conversations and insightful interactions of live webinars. 


If you have decided to go ahead with such webinars, keep reading to know more.


These webinars that are pre recorded are known more widely as on-demand webinars. These allow you to schedule the webinar along with registrations and also get it recorded in the cloud on its own. In on demand webinars. Registrations stay open and anyone who registers gets a link to the cloud recording.


Here are a few things you would require to set up a pre-recorded webinar series-


  • A hosted platform 


  • Upload feature


  • Auto start and auto publish feature


  • Ability of integration with apps


If you wish to collect viewers data automatically, you can use Live Webinar. It is a tool that provides powerful analytics of the viewers or the attendees of the webinar. You can download the reports in multiple formats with detailed information about the participants.

There are other tools too that provide participants’ analytics in great detail post the session is completed.


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