How do I set up an evergreen webinar?

evergreen webinar

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Evergreen webinar topics are always interesting and relevant for attendees. Regardless of the time, year, or circumstances you run them, they’ll always provide you with pure knowledge that would be beneficial for all.


There are various sites where you could upload your evergreen webinars like Zoom, webinarjam, Demio, everwebinar, ezTalk, etc.


An automated evergreen webinar funnel is an easy way to generate a sale without you getting involved, when someone signs up for your webinar, a funnel will be sent to them automatically.


To set up an evergreen webinar:


  • You must choose your topic for your evergreen webinar


  • Write a Script.


  • Record your webinar


  • Add a title.


  • Upload it on a designated webinar site.


  • Schedule your webinar.


  • Create a lively environment by being interactive with your audience via chats, addressing their confusion.


  • Promote your webinar by sharing the link with the audience you want to cater to. 


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