What is the best number of questions for a survey?

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If you are pondering what percentage of survey questions makes the ideal survey length, the shortest answer is: as few as possible. A short survey is ideally 10 minutes long, consisting of the most adequate 5-10 questions. Keeping survey question count low helps in gathering accurate data without causing survey fatigue. To develop a short and efficient set of survey questions, it is important to narrow down the target audience. Having a clear idea about the intended audience helps the survey creator balance the content granularity and survey length. Best survey questions are simple and articulate. It takes up very little time for respondents to finish. Three main deciding factors that make a survey perfect are: get to the point, staying on track, and respect the respondent’s time. First, decide the survey length that fits realizing your goal. Next, streamline every question to match the survey’s purpose. Finally, remember, the respondents have their own engagement. Shorter the survey, the better the response. Hence, next time you sit down to prepare a survey, ask yourself: What is the purpose of the survey? What is the goal of the survey questions? Who is the target audience? And finally, how many survey questions are too many?


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