What are the best practices for webinar invitation?

webinar invitation

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When it comes to inviting anyone for an online event like webinar, Q&A, or workshop. A formal invitation has been drafted and formed to send to the invitee or the desired audience for the event.


The way you deliver your invitation to the subscribers play a crucial role in grasping their attention and expecting their presence in the event, which would help in your conversion rate.

Following are the practice one should follow for webinar invites:


  • Subject line: The subject line of your email should be interesting and intriguing for the subscriber. 

Tell them why your webinar should be attended. 

Don’t forget to mention that it’s a webinar, if you have a famous speaker add his/her name too. 

If it’s free mention it. Emphasize that.

  • Banner: Banner is the first thing a subscriber sees when she/he opens an email. The banner should leave an impression on the subscriber.

  • Header: It is not compulsory to add a header if your banner has already described the importance of the webinar.

  • Description of Text: The text of the email should be descriptive. But you have already described why, when the webinar in your banner and header then you don’t need to repeat it.

  • Takeaway: Takeaway is what information you’ll acquire after attending this webinar. Add the crucial point that would attract a subscriber to attend the webinar.

  • CTC: It is the most essential part of the email as it drives the subscriber to make an action. It should be crisp and clear. As for registration, simply go for sign up/register now.


After putting all these practices into reality and formulating an email. Set a series of scheduled emails especially to the people, who didn’t open your e-mail or those with no conversion rate.


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