How do I get more survey responses for a webinar?

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You hosted a successful and engaging webinar, your audience interacted with your content and asked questions, and you marketed your products and services and generated new leads. Now what? Post webinar surveys are a great way to not only measure your survey’s success but can also be helpful in identifying your shortcomings and improving your future online events. But how do you ensure that your surveys are successful and your attendees are willing to answer your questions? Here are some tips to get valuable feedback from your audience post your webinar – 

  • Ask the right questions – Open ended, multiple choice, or scale questions, whatever format you choose, make sure you ask specific questions that will add value to your future events. Questions like “How did you hear about this event”, “What did you like most about the webinar”, “What can we improve on”, “How likely are you to recommend this webinar to others” are some great questions to ask your attendees.

  • Keep the survey simple and concise – Regardless of how much your attendees enjoyed the webinar, nobody wants to sit and answer a five page online form that asks them about every little thing from the session. Keep your queries short and to-the point that your audience can quickly get through.

  • Add an open comment section in the end – A comment section gives your attendees the chance to leave valuable information like additional comments, feedback, suggestions, or compliments.


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