How do I market a webinar on Facebook?

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Gone are those days when Facebook was just used as a social media platform. Facebook has undergone a massive change and now you can use it for business purposes. There are several people who use Facebook to drive their company’s sales. 


Thus, you can also use Facebook for your webinar promotion. You won’t believe but using Facebook for your webinar promotion is one of the superhit formulas. 


Let’s have a look at how to use it for webinar promotion effectively – 


  • Lead Capture Ads – One of the highly effective ways to capture the targeted audience. This way you can directly access the email of a person and then send any relevant emails. 


  • Custom Audience – This feature is available in the Facebook ad account. With this feature, you will be able to select and mark the audience who have shown interest or already registered for your webinar theme and presentation. 


  • Facebook Messenger Ads – The perfect formal yet super-efficient way of delivering a Facebook message is a Facebook Messenger ad. This will help you to categorize the audience and then deliver the message. Users will also be able to read the message without much clutter and then take the required action for your webinar marketing. 


  • Message for followers : Craft communication for followers to provide them with relevant information and benefits of attending the webinar 


  • Videos : Creative videos highlighting the importance of the webinar which helps audience to share among their network and also can go viral thus increasing the organic reach. 


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