How many people are in a Webinar?

Webinar Attendance

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Are you about to plan a webinar or have just attended one and pondered how many people are in the webinar? By and large, a webinar consists of the host, speaker, facilitators or organizers, staff, and attendees. As per the recent research and studies around the webinar statistics, based on the observations and inference, the webinar attendance rate is around one-third of the total registered audience attending the webinar.


Webinar’s attendees count, deciding factors are – the topic of the webinar, speaker, time slot and week of the day, and webinar hosting software plan, based on that webinar attendees count may vary from 50 up to 1500 or more. Webinar hosting software allows up to 10,000 people to attend a webinar. Webinar topics and marketing activities are also factors of people’s headcount in the webinar. It reflects how many people will show up for the webinar. The audience count depends on how much the marketing and promotional activities have touched the targeted audience of different demographics and regions. Based on the webinar’s engagement on different levels – budget, marketing, effectiveness, genre an average webinar may have 75 to 250 people as participants, host, speaker, and staff.


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