How long should my webinar be?

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While planning to conduct a webinar, one of the trickiest questions is how long the webinar should be? As per many reports and inferences based on studies behind webinar success rate, the attendees prefer to attend 40 minutes to 50 minutes long webinar.


Simultaneously, as per the general belief of webinar success rate points, an impactful webinar’s optimal duration is 60 minutes. In essence, the webinar duration of 90 minutes is considered the best fit for sharing presentations in learning scenarios.


While these statistics don’t fit well on each type of webinar, some of them are on-demand webinar and live webinar. The attendees’ view time of live event webinars is 55 minutes longer than the on-demand webinar with a view duration of 45 minutes.


Also, for a product launch or business promotional webinars for startups, the term of these webinars that fall between 15 minutes to 20 minutes has proved to be impactful and fruitful. If your topic and scope of the webinar need more approx 60 minutes to 90 minutes, you can divide the webinar into two halves to make it more impactful and successful. Accordingly, you should thoroughly do extensive research on the intent and type of webinar you want to host and then plan its duration accordingly.


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