How do you run, ask me anything?

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If you are out of ideas and need something fun and refreshing for your next webinar event, Ask Me Anything or AMAs are perfect for keeping your audience engaged and give them a deeper insight into your brand and products and services, Here are three tips to ensure you get the most out of your ask me anything session.


  • Invite a moderator – moderators are essential for AMAs as they are the gatekeepers of the webinar and it is their job to ensure that the live session runs smoothly. From moderating and filtering out inappropriate questions to simulating and encouraging your audience to keep the questions coming, a moderator keeps the pressure off you and helps you focus on just answering the questions.


  • Consider asking your attendees to submit their questions in advance – preparing answers to few common questions before the event will eliminate any awkward pauses during the real-time session and will also ensure that you cover all the points that are important and relevant to the question.


  • Do a dry run beforehand – do not wait for the day of the event to understand the tools and features of the webinar software you are using. Take time to understand the different technical aspects of your software, play around with different audio and video settings, and set up your software and any accompanying instruments before you go live online.


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