How do you hold a virtual conference?

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A virtual conference or live and real-time webinar is a great way to increase your reach and improve brand awareness. If you are planning your first remote event, here are 5 tips to host a successful virtual event – 


  • Make sure your technical setup is tested and ready to go before the day of the event. Check the audio visual equipment, the webinar software, internet connection, and all other tools prior to going live.


  • If you have different speakers for your event, ensure that they are each equipped with all the necessary tools to give their best at the webinar. You can also introduce the speakers to each other before they event so they are comfortable and acquainted before you broadcast live.


  • Create an agenda and send them to the attendees in advance. Create different blocks for different speakers and topics, allocate time for breaks, and include all event-related information in the schedule to make it easy for your audience to navigate through the event.


  • Ensure that there is real-time customer support available for all attendees during the virtual event. Create a dedicated team of customer support representatives who can answer technical and event related questions from the audience without disrupting the live broadcast.


  • Depending on the nature and content of the talk, leave a few minutes at the end of each session for questions from the audience to pique their interest and increase engagement with your webinar.


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