When should I send an event reminder?

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Ever wonder when is the ideal time period to send a reminder email for any event? The simplest answer is: a week before the event. 


The optimal time to send an event reminder email primarily depends on the target audience as well as the type of event. In a general context, the best practice to follow while sending an event reminder email is to stick with three reminders. 


The first reminder email is sent a week before the event. The next one follows the first reminder by one day before the event. The final reminder email should reach the client on the day of the event. That is, the last reminder email acts as an alarm hours before the scheduled time of the event. An automatic event reminder email helps the sender save time and prevent errors. 


Such emails make sure that the reminder email reaches the audience. The key features of a reminder email are: concise content, ensures that the empty seats are strategically filled, lists key details or agenda of the event above the fold, embeds a map to the location to guide attendees, and a catchy event email subject line. The next time you are confused about when to send a reminder email, stick to the thumb rule of a week before the event.


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