How do you evaluate a webinar survey question?

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To evaluate a webinar, a questionnaire is usually shared with the audiences to know their experience of the webinar. One thing that is most important is it shouldn’t be more than a few minutes, the fewer the response.


The timing of your survey should come between the end of your webinar and before the starting of the Q&A. During this time your audience is still engaged in the webinar.


In a good webinar survey questionnaire, you can include questions that answer their view on the webinar like how valuable it is for their knowledge. The importance of the skill and knowledge of the speaker. And will they recommend it to others?


These are 11 questions that might be helpful:


Q1. Rate your overall experience of this webinar


Q2. Will you recommend this session to your friends?


Q3. Does this session meet your expectations?


Q4. Is the content of the slides helpful?


Q5. Rate the information you have acquired from this webinar.


Q6. Rate the skills of the speaker presenting the webinar.


Q7. How relevantly this topic was presented?


Q8. Can you use the information you’ll get from this webinar?


Q9. Will you join this webinar again?


Q10. Did the session description do justice to the webinar?


Q11. How was the length of the webinar?


Some additional questions that will be helpful too:


  • Have you attended any other webinar from us before?


  • How can we make this webinar better?


  • What was your biggest takeaway from this webinar?


  • What would you like to see next?


  • The reason behind attending this webinar.


The following question will be really helpful in your survey post-webinar. As they cater to all of the points of view of the attendees.


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