How do you measure content success?

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Measuring content success is crucial to ensure a high content marketing ROI. The following simple metrics can help you measure content success without getting overwhelmed by the process.




Content success begins with how easily the target audience can find it. Quality content needs to appear in the top results on SERP whenever the target audience searches for relevant keywords.


Onsite Engagement


High web traffic is futile if the bounce rate is also high. Content success is apparent with higher traffic and lower bounce rate. A bounce rate below 40 percent ensures that the target audience landing on your page is also taking an interest in reading the content. Relevant comments below posts are also indicative of readers’ engagement.




Content marketing aimed at driving sales. Successful content subtly nudges the visitor into making a purchase on the website. Content success thus can be measured with conversion rate, which shows the number of page visitors that actually make a purchase.


Offsite Engagement


Sharing of content on social media by customers is crucial in building trust for your brand. content success is measured by how many times readers have shared the content on social media because they found it relevant and helpful.


Although there are many other metrics to measure content success, focussing on these primary ones ensures better scores across all metrics.


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