5 Strategies to Maximise Webinar Attendance and Engagement

Webinar Attendance

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A webinar is a remotely operated live class. It is considered a powerful tool for lead generation and audience engagement. But, it is not an easy task to engage the audience during a webinar. It requires a combination of hard work and some strategy. Here are 5 strategies discussed below on how to engage audiences and increase attendance during webinars


Define the Public


It is essential to target a specific audience and age-group for a webinar. This makes the webinar effective. For example, the webinar organiser must know which age-group and gender will get the most benefit from the webinar. The organiser should go through the detailed profile of the attendees and then approach them.




The speaker plays a significant role in engaging the audience during the webinar. After all, a speaker is a person who is going to deliver the content. During webinars, not only speech given by a speaker is essential, but the speaker’s gesture, tone, expression, etc., everything is equally important. A speaker should be skilled enough so that he/she could analyse the audience and behave and communicate accordingly. It is suggested to invite any external speaker for webinars who is not from the same organisation. It increases the webinar’s credibility.


Work on the Content and Communication


Powerful content, in combination with effective communication, works effectively in a webinar. It is important to discover the content which is relevant to the audience. Try to be precise and interactive with the audience. Before the live session, work on communication skills. While delivering content, try to avoid any word which could hurt the audience’s sentiment.


Remind and Re-remind


It is important to remind the attendees about the webinar on time. Apart from posts or advertisements, email them, which is a medium of personal approach.

Send your attendees a minimum of 3 reminders after the registration process. Firstly, a week before, secondly a day before, and lastly, on the morning of the webinar. One can use the webinar platform or marketing automation platform. 


Live Question and Answer Session


To increase webinar attendance, the audience is an essential part. This session can be considered as a “Feedback session”. Feedback sessions help a lot in engaging the audience with the speaker and webinar too. This session makes communication interactive and effective. It helps in creating the brand image. The audience feedback helps in facilitating follow-ups and lead generation.


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