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The year 2020 saw most events go virtual. This meant a significantly greater number of webinars and online conferences. With activities shifting online, most lead generation also happened online. Webinars are a great way to generate leads for your business. However, while organizing a webinar might seem like an easy task, generating leads through webinars is difficult. Your webinar needs to engage your webinar attendees, so they take an interest in what you do. 


Here are 12 ways to help you deliver a great webinar and capture more leads.


  1. The physical location from where you host your webinar is important. Ensure that it is quiet and non-distracting.
  2. Ensure that you organize the webinar at a time that is convenient for your target consumers. Take time zones into consideration.
  3. Before initiating the webinar, ensure that your audio and video are working fine. You can make another call on the same software to check.
  4. Always plan out your question-and-answer session, such as the details of how people will submit questions, when will the Q&A session be, how you will answer their questions, etc.
  5. Consider that the attention span of your audience will be short. Use different types of media throughout the webinar to keep your webinar attendees engaged.
  6. If you have multiple speakers in your webinar, always have a moderator or host to keep things tied together.
  7. Along with your social media handles, make sure to publicize the webinar on the social media handles of your speakers.
  8. Introduce yourself to the speakers of the webinar informally beforehand. Chat with them about what they will be saying, and share your plans with them.
  9. Always seek out experts in the field for your webinar—the more experts who speak in your session, the better.
  10. Use social media tools such as hashtags or even a new handle if you have a webinar series so that all Tweets and posts about your webinar can be accessed in one place.
  11. The slide deck you create for your webinar must be great to look at and keep your viewers engaged. 
  12. Always send out promotional messages before the webinar to attract a wider audience.


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