Top Marketing Strategies for B2B product launch

marketing strategies for B2B product

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Marketing Strategies for B2B Product Launch


Have you ever wondered why most product launches fail? Research suggests that  75%-90% of product launches fizzle out. Dispatching your product to the market consistently is a big deal. Each product goes through the cycle of success and failure.


Know all about your virtual product launch :

Virtual Product Launch


A virtual product launch refers to the introduction of a product on virtual platforms instead of a traditional launch physically. With the advent of technology, brands have swiftly adapted the digital platform to launch their products online. Recently, ASICS launched three new shoes with the help of virtual reality (VR). This digital drive was partly motivated by fandom and partly induced by necessity as virtual product launches are  becoming the ‘new normal.’


Virtual meeting etiquette for product launch


Are you planning to attend/host a virtual meeting for a product launch? Like a roadmap helps navigate and keeps you abreast of the best routes to reach the desired destination,  knowledge of virtual meeting etiquette makes you look professional and presentable. Here is a rundown of some invaluable virtual meeting etiquette for a product launch that everyone should know.


Dress Professionally – Be in your best outfit, the same way you would be if it were a physical event. As the saying goes,  the first impression is the last, so dress appropriately. 


Be Attentive and Respectful – Pay attention and notice what happens around you. Turn off mobile notifications. Be respectful and never interrupt others.


Try to Engage – Try to keep the audience engaged by asking questions, and conducting a short quiz or a quick, real-time poll before the launch of the product to create curiosity. 


Product launch strategy


In simple terms, product launch refers to when a company introduces a new product in the market for the first time. A  successful product launch, however,  begins before its actual launch in the form of strategy. Well-defined strategies act as a gateway to the success of the product in the market. Hence, formulating effective product launch strategies is essential to maintain product vitality. Listed below are some of the tried and tested product launch strategies that assure results. 


Build Buzz – Do you know the biggest tech giant Apple, never disclose anything before the actual event or conference to the media or the general public. It creates curiosity that leads to speculation and free publicity. Adopt this strategy during your product launch.


Create a Pulse – Pulse hosts the biggest networking conferences and product debuts every year. But what’s noteworthy about them? They build a relaxing ambiance for the event attendees. On the same lines, try to devise an element of fun and a fountain of valuable insights to break the monotony.

Use the word ‘Exclusivity’- Make your audience feel special to motivate them. Explore every possible opportunity to make your audience feel valued and honored.


Join hands with partners – Partner with organizations that demonstrate similar interests. In this way, you can get funds and support for your product launch. 


Product marketing


Product marketing is an intermediary link between product development and product awareness. In other words, it is the method of promoting a product in the market that includes segmentation, positioning, and targeting.


Product Marketing Strategies


Product marketing strategies decide how the product will reach the final consumer. Digital marketing strategies work best and ensure maximum Returns on Investment (ROI). To narrow down, listed below are the top product marketing strategies that you can follow to market your product.


Social Media Marketing– It involves the use of social media platforms to promote, publicize, and sell products to customers.


SEO– Make your product grow organically by improving website traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Content Marketing- It is a highly strategic marketing methodology that emphasizes curating and distributing high-quality content related to your product to a clearly defined audience.


Webinar product launch


Launching a product during webinars comes with a plethora of benefits like cost-effectiveness, global reach, it saves time and offers an interrupted flow of information. Go through the following strategies to launch a product successfully in a webinar.


  • Focus on the pain points of your target audience.
  • Inform them about the benefits of the product.
  • Keep the communication simple but memorable. 


Virtual product launch


Launching a product on virtual platforms is yet another popular method employed by businessmen nowadays. Focus on these two points in your virtual product launch debut.


  • Keep it interactive 
  • Arrange for desk side meetings for one to one interaction


Product Market Fit


It refers to the interplay of mental models between your business, product, and customers. Developing the concept gives a better understanding of products and ways to proffer more value to customers. It defines how well the product can gratify the needs of the market (in a good market).

Embracing digital initiatives and capturing interest becomes easy when you incorporate an interactive approach. In the words of Dave Ramsey, people get so preoccupied with launching  their products that they glance at marketing from a bird’s eye view and overlook exploring  new geography when formulating  product launch strategies. So plan before you act!

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the following ways to market a product launch.

  • Curate a pre-launch giveaway in the form of contests, events, and conferences. It will automatically create buzz and garner zillions of eyeballs. 
  • Amplify your brand vitality using digital marketing techniques like SEO, PPC, and social media advertising.
  • With the help of influencers share opinions, recommendations, and positive word of mouth (WOM).

The following steps can be followed to create a launch strategy.

  • Identify your target group and key competitors.
  • Highlight your product USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and key differences. 
  • Determine the best, cost-effective channels that you can employ

Product launch strategy refers to the various methodologies and efforts to bring out the product in the market and informing all your stakeholders (customers, investors, partners, and the public) about it.


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