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Virtual Webinars are redefining the way we operate our businesses. Scale your business with our custom-made Webinar marketing solutions .

Why Bruhatee

Webinars are the most efficient and cost-effective tools to manage B2B communications with your clients, vendors, channel partners, and more. However, managing webinar logistics can be a time consuming and a challenging task. Besides investing time, infrastructure and manpower, you have to keep pace with ever-evolving technology and make sure that your efforts yield expected results. To ensure flawless execution of your webinar campaign, it would be appropriate to engage an expert for the same.


Expertise & experience

Bruhatee has experience in hosting and executing over 1000 successful webinar campaigns globally. Our expertise in B2B webinar management for a variety of industries and businesses gives us a leading edge and establishes us as pioneers in the B2B webinar market.



With well-researched and efficient processes, Bruhatee ensures the optimal success of your webinar campaign. Our scientifically designed processes, well-defined strategic planning, immaculate implementation and flawless execution will reflect in the performance and results of your program.


Tools and techniques

With over 200 marketing automation tools and a variety of techniques applied in the industry, Bruhatee webinar whizz will help you put together a perfect model based on your inputs and business requirements for smooth execution of your webinar program.

Custom-built solutions

Customise your webinar campaign to suit your budget and requirements or avail our end to end webinar management services whereby we will handle everything from building a customised webinar calendar and setting performance benchmarks to hosting a perfect event.


Creative Design

Narrate a story and create a strong impression for your brand with creative and attractive design.

Guest Blogging

Establish domain authority with positive reviews from the industry expert as guest bloggers.

Live Quizzes

Engage your audience and persuade them to stay longer in your webinars with live quizzes, and other interesting techniques.

Spot Surveys

Get market insight, instant feedback and more for sample analysis and to feel the market pulse with well-designed surveys.

Technical Expertise

We offer expert technical assistance to ensure the smooth execution of your webinar calendar.

Detailed Reports

Generate powerful reports for detailed analysis at a click of a button to help you plan and forecast the output.

HD Videos

Easy to share on various social media, videos are an impactful way to market your products and services to a receptive audience.

Online Advertisements

Expand the reach and visibility of your business with well-placed online advertisements.

Standardized Process

Established protocols and standardized processes to ensure smooth execution of your webinars.

Unique Content

Perfect blend of plagiarism-free content, creative designs, unique theme and more to meet your requirements. Optimum SEO compliance for higher search rankings.

Event Anchoring

Professional event anchoring for complete control of your webinars and live events.

Latest Tools

Ever-evolving techniques and the latest tools to ensure up-to-date market penetration.

SEO Compliance

Attract the right audience by optimizing on search engine algorithms. Improve your brand visibility.

Target Audience

Identify and attract right B2B clientele based on search history and online activities.

Webinar Moderator

Set the stage for a successful webinar with a professional moderator.