Webinar Success Metrics

Maximise your webinar performance with Bruhatee. Measure the success of your webinar campaign on multiple parameters. Achieve projected & planned performance results with Bruhatee’s systematic webinar campaign management methodology.


Analyse, Focus and Perform across all channels with Bruhatee’s expertise.

Bruhatee Methodology

Bruhatee applies a well-researched and scientific approach based on acquired experiences and detailed data analysis to redefine industry benchmarks. Detailed performance analysis of historic data across various channels for the organisation and the accepted performance standards in the industry are analysed to define and project end results. Backward calculation and integration process is applied to craft strategies, process and execution plan to achieve the desired results.

Reach out to a larger clientele with a series of well-planned and well-executed webinar calendar. Convert prospective leads to actual customers. Improve your conversion ratio and ensure repeat clientele. Drive upsell and cross-sell your products or services.

Bruhatee’s methodology will assist in

Defining clear objectives and goals of the webinar program, identifying the need for the campaign and communicating expected returns for the investment done.

Derive appropriate webinar strategy by working backwards to achieve expected results. This includes gap analysis, ROI calculation, benchmarking and more.

Plan and execute asset appropriation across all digital marketing channels. Identifying the best performing option to maximise the output for positive results.

Analyse the impact of the webinar program against key webinar metrics and predefined performance benchmark.

Frequently Asked Questions

A number of parameters against which you can measure the success of your webinar vis-à-vis defined baselines are termed as the webinar metrics.

Cumulative performance you’re your webinar programs across various channels is termed as webinar index.

There are multiple parameters for you to measure the success of your webinars like the number of registrations, actual attendance, subscription, conversion, actual expense on the webinar vis-à-vis revenue earned and more. All these reports can be generated with a click of a tab with Bruhatee’s webinar report module. (add a link to direct to webinar report page)

Improve your webinar’s performance by choosing a right mix of attractive design, unique theme, personalised content, targeting the right audience, well-planned social media campaign and more.

Webinar data analytics are tools and techniques applied to analyse the derived data and help the clients understand their customers, evaluate their campaigns, personalise content, design, develop strategies and make informed business decisions.