Webinar Reports

Generate a variety of webinar summary reports from the inputs and information available for detailed data analysis with a click of a tab. These reports will help you determine the success of your webinar campaign against pre-set goals and expectations.

Customer engagement
Website traffic analysis
Audience engagement
SEO Impact
Brand awareness & performance
Survey results
Registrations reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed statistics to provide you with an insight into your webinars’ performance on multiple parameters is termed as a webinar report.

Information and statistics presented in various forms for report computation are termed as webinar analytics.

Webinar performance can be ascertained by comparing the output vis-à-vis industry benchmarks on multiple parameters by reading various reports.

Quantifiable data that is applied to analyse the performance of the webinar campaign on multiple parameters for comparison purposes is termed as webinar statistics.

A detailed evaluation of various reports to analyse the performance of the webinar campaign vis-à-vis expected results and set benchmark is termed as webinar analysis.