Do webinars count as CPD?

Webinar CPD

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Continuing professional development or CPD is a way to enhance your skills through attending various training courses offline and online. To count a particular course as your CPD it should be CPD certified. They include webinars, podcasts,  and so much more.


Virtual events are also counted as a part of your CPD only if they are CPD certified. For a skill to develop you don’t need to be there physically rather you can also polish your skills through virtual platforms. Attending webinars counts as much of a credit as learning a skill through an offline mode.


The time you spend learning or polishing your skill matters rather than the mode you have learned it. The only thing that matters that the knowledge you acquire should be from your own field.


Therefore, attending online webinars whether they are free or paid, will count as your CPD only if they will add some significant value to your designated skill set. It would add points to your CPD the number of hours you will spend on enhancing your skill set via webinars. 


What matters is your defined skill set. If it gets better through webinar than webinar it is.


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