What Should I Do After The Webinar?

webinar follow up

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Webinar post activities are equally important as pre activities of the webinar. So, for an impactful webinar session, you must follow some best practices of webinar post activities.


  1. Recording the webinar session and providing the webinar session to the attendees for their reference. Most of the audience seeks for recorded webinar session after the event, and this helps them to go over the webinar –
  • If they had missed out any segment or may refer to the recording
  • If they left the webinar early due to other time commitments


  1. Creating and mailing follow-up and feedback emails to generate leads, track the conversion rate, and boost audience engagement. It will help track down the number of attendees’ registrations, and the number of attendees attended the webinar session.
  2. Creating blog posts and PR and publicising the webinar session over different social media channels and PR submission platforms. It will boost the post-marketing activity of the webinar and create a buzz amongst different audience sections. It will lead to high engagement in your next or upcoming webinar session.
  3. Creating a plan for the next webinar session. Go through the feedback, jot down the loopholes and plan out the following webinar session based on engagement levels.


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