What does webinar KPI stand for?

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Did you know that around 73% of marketing and sales professionals confirm that the webinars play a significant role in boosting and expanding their business at different levels? Indeed, webinar plays a substantial role in promoting the sales, engagement of marketing and promotional strategies of various brands or companies. Webinar KPIs or webinar’s key performance indicators reflect the success and effectiveness of webinar, or how fruitful or impactful it was.


Webinar KPI decides if conducting the webinar served well amongst the targeted audience or not or if it fulfilled other goals. We have brought a top webinar KPI that may help to decide the success of the conducted webinar.


Webinar KPIs


  • CTR or the click-through rate of the landing website or social media handle of the business promoted in the webinar.


  • Attendee conversion ratio reflecting the ratio of the attendee registered to the webinar, and the attendee attended the webinar.


  • Exit surveys gathered post-webinar sessions.


  • Lead generations statistics of the focused business promoted in the webinar


  • Audience retention tells about the webinar’s engagement level and impactfulness of the webinar while keeping the audience engaged in your targeted service or product.


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