How do you handle a webinar?

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To host a webinar, there are many factors to take into consideration such as: right questions for the topic, software used for webinar, content produced for the webinar, timing and promoting the webinar promptly and following up with the participants once the webinar is done. Feedback is key in making sure a webinar is organised properly.


Here are a few tips on how to host a webinar:


  • Firstly, make sure all connections and communication channels are made easily available also, have a technical expert at disposal in case of any difficulties. 


  • Understand the purpose of the webinar and define what can be offered to the participants to make this webinar fruitful to them.


  • Make sure that the webinar is interactive and sets a welcoming tone that would grab the participant’s attention.


  • It is very necessary that the order of questions to be asked is planned carefully to not disrupt the momentum of the speaker/s.


  • Communication is key. Reminders for the webinar, social media outreach and a copy of the recording are all mandatory in order to host a successful webinar.


Support for the attendees in real time is essential and the key to handle a successful webinar is to ensure that everyone participates equally and get their questions answered. Timing and management is the trick to organise and handle a webinar.


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