How do I create a webinar funnel?

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A webinar funnel is a course of action directed towards browser sales. It helps convert the top sections of the marketing funnel into bottom sections viz. a visitor into a lead and a visitor into a buyer.  It is a path that the browser follows, to understand the product/service and complete the purchase, allowing him to proceed to the delight phase of the funnel.


If you are starting a webinar and would like people to attend the webinar, a funneling process has to be carried out to attract or invite potential participants. This is called a Webinar Funnel. Webinar Funnels are extremely helpful while trying to convert the participants into customers. Not everyone goes through the funnel and reaches the sales section. The webinar sales funnel focuses on the traffic areas, segments, and targets audiences. This further helps in creating registrations, and maximize attendance.


While there are automated webinar funnel softwares that do the work, it is important to understand the making. 


  • Trigger a pain point and offer a solution in the webinar.


  • Relatable content is always a win-win.


  • Make the webinars free.


  • Make a clear and distinct Call-to-Action.


Don’t just host a webinar, start a conversation, and filter the leads to the bottom of the funnel.


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