How do you fill a webinar?

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Webinar promotions can be quite a task if not done properly, however, if a checklist is made to ensure things are in order, there is a chance signups will significantly increase. For better promotion of webinars and increased number of participants, certain marketing tools and techniques such as: paid advertisements, social media outreach and offering free sessions can be helpful.


Essentially, timing is everything and study shows that conducting a webinar on a Wednesday or a Thursday will attract more participation. It is also shown in studies that the best time to invite attendees would preferably be a Tuesday or a Wednesday. Experts claim that an ideal webinar should be conducted for a duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour. Promotions for the webinar are supposed to start a week prior for optimum exposure.


Choosing the right topic should do most of the marketing, however, asking poll questions will surely engage the participants. Websites made for funneling and optimised for conversions are rules experts stick to when it comes to filling up a webinar, along with promotional offers and discounts. Most importantly, partnering with the right influencer and sending out newsletters to the participants should be adequate in promoting a webinar and ensuring maximum participation. 


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