What is an engagement score in a webinar?

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While hosting any webinar, the target is to engage as many people as possible. Whether it be an educational webinar, business webinar, entrepreneurial webinar, or others, the goal is to engage and create a nexus among the public. As the name suggests, an engagement score is a qualitative number or score that determines the engagement of the audience/public in the webinar. Various factors contribute to the determination of engagement scores in a webinar. Some of them are mentioned below: 


  • The number of audiences that attended the webinar: The simplest and most opted method of calculating engagement score is to calculate the size of the attended audience and the number of audiences registered for the webinar. 


  • The number of audiences that stayed through the entire webinar: If your webinar started with a great number but by the end of it, only a handful of the audience remains, then the webinar might not be as engaging as it should be. 


  • The number of the audience involved in commenting, questioning, and providing suggestions in the webinar: This measures the interest of the audience in a webinar. If the  audience is uninterested, the number of questions or comments received are usually low. 


  • Feedback provided by the audience: If the audience provides positive feedback, the engagement score is considered to be high. 


  • Increased awareness of the topic due to the webinar: This indicates that the points addressed in the webinar are being discussed further, suggesting a high engagement score. 


An engagement index is calculated by using surveys, feedback, tracking the number of the audience joining, leaving, and staying in the webinar. Otherwise, the questionnaire, comment section of the webinar also suggested a high engagement score. The simplest engagement score formula is to combine interaction and engagement. Various engagement score metrics are available online. 


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