What is a Good Webinar conversion Rate?

Webinar Conversion Rate

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Webinar conversion rate is nothing but the conversion rate of your webinar’s audience or attendees into your customers, who chooses your service provided from the webinar. You spend a lot of time and energy to advertise your webinar to make people attend them and know what you are providing. It goes in vain if your audience doesn’t turn into your valuable customers. 


Webinars act as the best relationship-building platform to engage with your target audience and make them your customers. 


You can’t expect everyone who joins your webinar would take up the service provided by you. Usually, the average conversion rate of the webinars depends on the industry and the product. 


For example, the overall conversion rate of webinars of more than 100 participants is around 43% ( a pretty decent figure.) 


As per a survey, webinars associated with data, training, and communications saw an average of 55% in their conversion rate. 


Webinars on education and on continuing education saw an average of 36.5%.


Marketing webinars had their share of 39.29% of the conversion rate. Communication webinars alone had a conversion of 68.78% in the past few months. 


We can’t narrow down the conversion rate to a single number as it depends on various aspects. 


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