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Webinars are a useful tool to market business, service, product, or to increase brand awareness, engagement levels at a broader level. Webinars are seminars usually conducted over the internet and using advanced webinar hosting software and tools. They are conducted so that the host or the designated speakers can share their videos, audios, web presentations, screen, and entertain Q&A session or can chat with the attendees. The webinars are generally audio and video, where the attendees can interact with the host to interact with them via Q&A, chat, and polls questions.


In the webinar, attendees have limited or minimal interaction rights, which means that they can only see and listen to the speaker but can’t interact with other attendees unless and until the speaker or host allows. Depending upon the webinar’s nature, the host or the facilitator can enable the speaker’s video or limit the webinar only to the audio and visuals – presentations, statistics, and demos level. In most webinars, attendees can join only in listen-only mode, which means that they aren’t required to attend with the video and audio unless they are allowed by the host or are involved in any interactive session conducted by the host.


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