How do I get webinar attendees more engaged after the webinar?

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To make your webinar exciting and to grow your audience, it is crucial to engage with your attendees with some interesting tricks and ways. Your attendees getting bored is the last thing you want in your webinar. 

Engaging webinars


These are some of the tips you can follow to make your webinar engaging and interesting for your audience.

  • Let your regular attendees be the host


By sharing the spotlight of your webinar and letting the regular and loyal customer be a host can make your webinar engaging. You can ask someone to share their experience with your brand and it can work for you as a testimony as well. 


  • Q&A session 


Another way to improve the engagement level of your webinar is to let your attendees ask their questions and queries in the Q&A session. 

  • Live chats


Live chats in the webinar are also a good option for engaging your attendees. People can interact with other panelists and presenters on a one-on-one basis and can create group chats.

  • Polls


Polls are another great way to boost the engagement level of your webinar. You can gather multiple honest feedbacks about your webinar through polls that will help you to improve your engagement level for your future webinar.


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