Can You Watch a Webinar Later?

webinar recording

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Webinars are organised in a live real-time environment over the web using webinar conducting software. You might have come across situations where you have to leave the webinar in the middle due to some unavoidable conditions. You might be wondering if you can watch the webinar later or not? It depends upon the webinar facilitator whether they have conducted the webinar using a tool that provides webinar session recording after the event.


You can check for the webinar details, while registering for it, regarding the availability of the webinar session recording post the event. If it mentions that you will get the video and audio copy of the webinar session via email, then you can watch the webinar session later at your convenience. In the main, after the live webinar session, the recorded webinar is available at the same location where you have watched the webinar live or have registered for the webinar. The recorded version of webinars is available for the attendees to look at within a couple of minutes of the live webinar completion. Suppose the webinar organisers aren’t providing the webinar sessions post the event. In that case, you may request for the recording to them or can record the webinar using a copious of tools available over the internet.


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