How long is a virtual meeting?

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With the extension of the pandemic to an indefinite time, we are all forced to change the course of our everyday lives. Offices that were initially shut down have now let their employees work from home. With this, employees are attending online meetings with their peers and professors and educators are conducting lectures, seminars and workshops online. Events that hold significant value are also being conducted online. 


In such a time, it is important to understand more about the relatively unfamiliar virtual meetings. In order for a virtual meeting to be effective, people need to be informed beforehand about the timings and strategy of the meeting. A rough list of ideas can be prepared by the host of the meeting to keep a check on things. The length of a virtual meeting should not be very long as that can cause the attendees to get bored and get distracted by other things. A balance needs to be striked by the host of the meeting so that the meeting is long enough so that all the relevant information is conveyed and also all the queries are addressed. 


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