How to make a virtual conference engaging?

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Making a visual conference engaging is not only difficult but is tricky. 


Here we share with you some simple tips and tricks to keep a webinar engaging and alive at the same time – 


  • Two-way communication – Make sure that you are using two-way communication. This will help to keep the discussion alive and there will be learning in both ways. This is a sure shot trick to keep your audience engaged in a webinar presentation. 


  • Illustrations and Examples – Using too many real life examples and illustrations will keep your audience engaged as well as alive. Try to use examples that are somewhat closer to them. That way they will feel related and well connected during the webinar presentation. 


  • Surveys or Polls – Surveys or polls are also found to be highly effective in keeping the audience engaged. This will also prove to be additionally helpful for you because this way you will be able to gain their opinions and insights as well. 


  • Story Telling – How about keeping some games or storytelling sessions in between. This way the audience will be able to share their insights and thus they will feel a part of the webinar and will be hugely interested in the same. 


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