Do you have to speak during a webinar?

Public Speaking Anxiety

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Webinars are the seminars conducted over the web using a webinar overseeing software tools or applications. Are you planning or about to take part in the webinar?  You must be thinking, as an attendee, if you have to speak during the webinar or not? Usually, in the webinars, the host or the speaker has the authority and the access to speak, present, and share audio, screen, web presentation, or speech. 


In particular cases and instances, the attendees have to speak during the webinar session. So, it depends on the webinar’s interactive level whether the facilitator wants the attendees to interact, answer, share their thoughts or opinion in the webinar or not. There might be many small sessions like Q&A, quiz, polls, feedback in which the host or the speaker allows the attendees to participate in the activity, share their thoughts or ask any questions related to the webinar topic. If you are one of the attendees, you can speak once the host assigns you the right to say or ask. Else, you can watch the video or presentations, or listen to the host, speaker or designated guests only.


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