When should I send webinar invites?

webinar invitation

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All about sending webinar invitation messages, inviting speakers for webinar etc.


When should we send webinar invites?

Webinar invites should be more specific with all the details of the webinar from time, date, venue ,speaker etc.


It is essential and of utmost importance that you send the invites a week or more before the actual date. One can also try out the two step theory where you can mail the invites 2 weeks before actual date and then again send a reminder mail a few days before the final day. 


One thing which can also be used are the reminders from google calendar. This is my personal favorite and the easiest.You can just fix a date in the calendar and schedule a meeting on google meet and use the link mail the university or firms.They will receive a notification for attending the webinar.


Invites to the speakers should be sent before any other thing so that they can refer to their schedule and give us their precious time and we can also get a clear idea on putting the names in the poster, publicize our webinar and create hype amongst people which will help increase in our sales and services.


This will help us reach our goal of promoting our business through webinar marketing.


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