How do I sell a webinar online?

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Webinar marketing is a hot topic in today’s digital age.


While hosting your first webinar meeting may seem an intimidating task, it is actually not daunting.

As with anything else in business, there are some secret tips to sell a webinar online:


Offer some sweet deals to your webinar attendees:


  • Provide some good gifts to webinar attendees.


  • Offer some tempting discounts on webinar services.


  • Make your audience feel privileged on every webinar registration.


Marketing before the webinar:


  • Start promoting your webinar set up at least 15 days before the run date.


  • Send a webinar invitation to your target audience.


  • Use the best webinar hosting service provider.


  • Choose the best software, app, media, place, and other webinar platforms to run your webinar ads.


  • Create a promotional webinar video and circulate it to all the social media channels.


Promotion after the webinar:


  • Send your audience a webinar recording or a link to the replay video.


  • Create a new email webinar series for those participants who didn’t take the next step.


  • Convince them by offering a time-limited discount.


Once you follow these tips, you can really sell your webinar not just to sell products and services but to promote your overall business. 


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