How do I save Q&A sessions from my webinars?

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Live webinars are a great way to share knowledge, updates, ideas, with people across the globe by sitting in your comfort zone. If you have never hosted a webinar before and if audience engagement stresses you, you need not to worry. The Q&A feature in the webinar session is the perfect solution. 


Q&A is an Audience Engagement feature using which the attendees can ask questions, doubts, and queries based on the topic during the webinar. These questions can be answered by the hosts, panelists, and co-hosts. Let us now understand how these live Q&A sessions can be saved. 


  • Sign in to the webinar software portal.


  • If you are the account holder, you need to go to the Account Management section. 


  • In Account Management, you will find the Reports section. 


  • Since you need to save the Webinar Q&A session, click on Q&A Report.


  • You will need to enter the required data and filters to get the expected output.


  • Lastly, you will have to select the Webinar and then Generate the CSV Report. 

The saved Q&A session of your webinar will be generated in the form of a report. It will be downloaded as a CSV file and hence it can be opened in any compatible application which supports .csv file. 


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