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webinar feedback

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Webinar Feedback


If the goal of a company is to raise awareness about a brand, measuring sales after each event won’t give the proper idea of success. Instead one should track metrics like registrations, attendance, and social media mentions to know the extent of success of the webinar.


Post Webinar Survey


A post-webinar survey is necessary to rate a webinar. A company does it all wrong if they measure the increase in sales after a webinar to measure the success. A company should use webinar metrics to rate a webinar.


Webinar Metrics


Webinar metrics such as the number of registration, attendee chats and feedback . These webinar metrics are the best parameters to measure the success of a webinar. When the number of all the above metrics is more it signifies that the audience engagement with the company is great. Feedbacks are valuable as they give an in depth knowledge about the customers to the companies. So the more the feedback the better is the scope for improvement in the products or services.


Webinar Evaluation


A webinar can be evaluated on the basis of the webinar metrics as said above. One can also ask the attendees of the webinar to give a performance rating after the webinar. This will give you a scale of satisfaction level of attendees.


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